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I started buzzfish media in January of 2013. I got the idea while working for a friend managing his website and marketing. Two or three times a week we were getting phone calls from companies claiming to be Google or SEO / Social Media marketing experts. 99% of the calls were deceitful salespeople providing misinformation about how websites and digital marketing worked. I realized that there was a real opportunity to help small and medium-sized businesses with their website and marketing just by cutting through the BS and giving honest ethical answers to their questions. With the support of my family and a few friends, buzzfish media was born. 

Since 2013 buzzfish media has undergone more than a few changes in how we operate. I have always believed the key to owning a successful business is providing great customer services and knowing when it is the right time to make changes. When buzzfish media was started in 2013 I had never actually built a website. It was something I had always wanted to but was always too afraid to take the leap. Then with our second child due in May of 2013, it was now or never. With the support of my amazing wife and a promise of six months to figure it out, a lot of late nights studying and constant bumps along the way I was on my way. Today I have it figured out, at least until the next time I realize that I haven’t! As everyone who owns a small business know you are a successful genius and entrepreneur until the world reminds you otherwise.

Michael Blanchard

Michael Blanchard

keeper of the staples

When I’m not working I am usually spending time with my wife Kathy and our two boys Owen and Silas.

We love to go camping on the weekends during the summer, hanging out at the pool, playing games (board and video). One of my favorite things to do is coaching my son’s sports teams.

Owning my own business also allows me to spend time working in my community. I’m proud to be a member of The Gardner Rotary Club, a few of the local chamber of commerces as well as participating with the city and other community organizations.


At buzzfish media, our clients are at the foundation of what we do. We know that that the easiest way to maintain success is by making sure our existing clients are taken care of the same way one year in as they would be day one.  The websites and services we provide are more than just money in the bank. The websites and services we provide to our clients are the digital representation of our clients business. Our clients are entrusting us with an important part of their business and we know that any breach of that trust puts our brand and their brand in danger.

The reason we take our job so seriously is because we know that no matter what our clients budget they have put faith in us to deliver exceptional services.

Don’t get us wrong, we like to have fun and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. But we are passionate about our work and our involvement in the communities we work in.


We have always found it important to give back. Buzzfish Media and Michael Blancahrd participate in many community activities as well as sitting on the Board for multiple local organization in Gardner as well as being members of the Gardner Edgerton Chamber of Commerce, Wellsville Chamber of Commerce and the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce. These communities and many others with the support of their business have played a major part in keeping buzzfish media around and growing.

Spring Hill Kansas Chamber of Commerce
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