Social Media Why You should be Using Google+

Using social media can be fun. But using Facebook for your business and not using Google+ is the equivalence of using a butter knife for a screw driver.  It can work but it is not as effective and takes longer to see results.  I have heard Google+ referred to as everything from a ghost town to the next great thing.  The real truth is there is a place for both, but you should be sure not to neglect Google+.  Google+ posts are actually searchable on Google. It is like having a mini blog/social media site.  One additional benefit that is little known by the average user of Google+, is that it is what I would call a connection based community.  Even if you are not following someone in particular on Google+, your connections to the same people unite you.  For example, if you are Person A and I am Person C and have never meet, we can be connected by Person B who has a connection to both of us. So if I were to search for something inside Google+ that was related to you or your business, Google+ would try to connect us based on our mutual connection.  If you use Google+ you may have noticed how this works. I would venture to say that if you own a business, you’ve probably seen how valuable this is.  Google+ is a growing community and a great place to get information. And now with the addition of the Communities feature, it is a great way to find people you share common interests with and discuss things you are passionate about.  Google+ is a great networking tool for meeting people inside your own industry and spreading the name of your business.  Because the things you post on Google+ are indexed, you gain a visibility which you cannot get with Facebook or Twitter.  If you are running a for-profit business, you already know being visible is kind of important.  The one thing I personally love about Google+ is that even though at first it can be a difficult adventure to find followers, after a while they just start finding you.  Like with all social media, the trick is to share good, quality content that engages the viewers.  Anything less will take away from your appeal and slow the growth of your followers.  The way Google+ connects you with people ensures your ability to grow and maximize visibility of your business.


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